Saturday, 30 March 2013

An Easter Thought

I don't normally speak openly about my beliefs and faith as it is a very personal thing but they have been much on my mind today.

God and I have not been on speaking terms for a long time but I am pondering the Easter message tonight. 

Are faith and logic irreconcilable?

I grew up in the High Anglican church and was a choir boy and later an alter boy and, don't laugh, for a short time contemplated going into the church. As time has gone on, and I've seen what a cold, cruel and lonely place the world can be, my faith has been diluted and I've let logic take over. 

Is it a case that we have to have the idea of a supreme being in order to face the world and our own, and our loved ones, mortality? If God didn't exist then we would have to invent him in order to prevent us from going mad at the thought of the pointlessness of it all?

On the other hand, it is very hard to believe that the miracle of life just happened by accident. 

I suppose my basic question is "Should faith be questioning?" If one has an unshakable belief then can that be faith? Surely faith has to question, it has to bridge doubt. Unquestioning belief is untried; faith must come from being unsure, asking questions and arriving at a point of balance and peace?

For me, the message of Easter is about rebirth and redemption, the opportunity for a fresh start with a clean slate. Perhaps that's a good point to start from to rebuild a relationship with my God?